"fruit-salad.net" is a new brand for selling fruit and vegetables to the public in Kenya. We are presently focusing on the Kisumu region near Lake Victoria, but plan to expand this to other cities.

Wherever you see our market stall you know:
  • you can find fresh and tasty products.

  • you can have a refreshing bowl of fruit made up of the

    season's juicy fruits at a fair price.

  • by buying, you are helping the market stall holder

    to earn a livelihood for her/his family.

"receive 10% discount"

By becoming a member you can receive, if you choose:
  • a reduction of 10% on every order over 2000ksh.

  • updates on new offers and new crops, etc.
To become a member, click on "membership" on the menu above.
How To Order Your Food

To order your food "click" on the menu bar for the required section. You must order vegetables, fruits and other products separately.

Be sure to add your mobile number in the required box. You will then me contacted and asked for your delivery address.

If you decide to become a member then we will know where to deliver next time you order plus you will receive a 10% discount.

To become a trader you can "click" on the menu and fill in the application form online or contact us by mobile. As a trader you will need qualities of honesty and a desire to service others! You will also maybe required to deliver produce direct to customer's homes and/or business premises. Training and support will be given.

We are also looking for suppliers.